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ASTOR PIAZZOLLA “Tango…not only”. Mikhailovsky quartet. German Church, Helsinki 25.11.2018

Premier of full version of Tango Sensations, first time in EU in 25 years

Deutsche Evangelisch–Lutherische Gemeinde in Finnland
Bernhardinkatu 4
00130 Hesinki

Astor Piazzolla Libertango (Mikhailovsky quartet)


“Tango…not only”

Mikhailovsky quartet present its legendary program called «Tango…not only». In the first part of 20-th century Tango ,as a dance, has opened it self to Europe and world. Time past and tango developed from only accompaniment for milonga dancers , came to the public in a great concert halls as an instrumental and some times even virtuoso music played by outstanding artistes. Now melodies by Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and others are in repertory of the most part of world known instrumentalists. The program will unite all the best that were created by composers in genre of Tango. Together with Mikhailovsky string quartet this evening you could hear bajan -virtuoso player well known in Russia- Vladimir Rosanov and outstanding european bandoneonist Henrik Sandos from Finland. The listener will be given a rare opportunity to enjoy all variety of music by the king of tango Astor Piazzolla, from dancing to instrumental genre…and not only.

Also in the concert you’ll get rare opportunity to hear a Suomi premiere of original version of Tango Sensations, with sixth and seventh parts, that haven’t been performed for 25 years ,since German premier of composition by Piazzolla himself.


Astor Piazzolla Chiquilin de bachin (Vladimir Rozanov)
Juan Carlos Cobian Mi refugio (Henrik Sandos)
R.Gagliano Tango for Claude (Boris Barinov Vladimir Rozanov)
Astor Piazzolla S.V.P. Tango (Mikhailovsky Quartet)
Astor Piazzolla Five tango sensations
1. Asleep
2. Loving
3. Anxiety
4. Despertar
5. Fear
6. Woe
7. Awake


Astor Piazzolla Tango Ballet
Astor Piazzolla Close your eyes and listen
Astor Piazzolla Spring from the cycle «Seasons in Buenos Aires»
Astor Piazzolla Violentango
Carlos Gardel Por una cabeza
Astor Piazzolla Oblivion
Astor Piazzolla Libertango

Tatyana Frenkel (first violin)

Was born in Leningrad. Began to study violin at age of 6. Tatyana graduated from Leningrad Musical College first , and than from Leningrad Conservatory in 1993 , both with honored diplomas. Was taking part in numerous number of musical academies , master-classes world famous violinists , took part in Schleswig-Holstein orchestra. Played chamber music concerts a lot and touring to France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Spain, Israel.

1999-2014 was working as a concertmeister in orchestra of the Mariinsky theater(Saint -Petersburg).

From 2014 violinist in orchestra of the Mikhailovsky theater.

Natalia Krukovskaia (second violin)

Was born in Russian city Barnaul. Finish in native city music school and music college.  Then the family moved to St-Petersburg, were Natalia finished Conservatory in 2009. In studying period she started to play in a professional orchestra of SPb Conservatory for opera and ballet. From 2014 is working Mikhailovsky theater.

Prize winner in several international competitions.

Vadim Messerman (cello)

Honored artist of  Russia .

Was born in 1955 in Leningrad. In 1979 finished Leningrad conservatory , class professor E.Fishman.

From 1977 to 1988 concertmaster of cello group in chamber orchestra «Hermitage». In same period touring with «Hermitage string trio» in Italy and Germany.

1988-1990 soloist in string orchestra «Soloists of Leningrad» under leading by M.Gantvarg.

From 1991 first cello in orchestra of Mussorgsky opera and ballet theater.

In 1992-1993 leader of cello group in orchestra Zagreb, Croatia.

From 1995-2000 participant of trio «Modern».

Till 2014 concertmaster of cello group in Mikhailovsky theater, from 2015 concertmaster of S-Petersburg Kapella orchester.

Co-organizer of Mikhailovsky quartet and participant from the beginning.

Boris Barinov (viola)

(viola) studied viola playing with Prof. Vladimir Stopichev at St. Petersburg (SPb) Conservatoire (2006-2011). After graduating the Conservatoire B.Barinov completed his studies under guidance of the famous violist and teacher Mikhail Kugel (Ghent, Belgium, 2011-2012). Viola player at the Mikhaylovsky Theatre orchestra in SPb (since 2009).

B.Barinov is very much active as a chamber musician. Organiser and participant of the Mikhailovsky Quartet. Since 2007 he plays in a permanent duo organ+viola together with organist Mikhail Mishchenko.

He is co-organiser and participant of the chamber music season “100 years of the British music” of 12 concerts (SPb, 2011-2012) and organ-with-instruments serie “British Master’s Testament” (SPb, Minsk, Vitebsk, 2012-2013), both supported by The RVW Trust and The Delius Trust. Participant of the festival “Ars Organi Grodnensi” (Grodno, Belarus, 2015, 2016). Organiser and participant of “Mikhailovsky seasons” chamber music cycles (2016-2017-2018).

+358 44 0588703

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